About Me

- 1962 I entered this universe
- until 1982 I passed several educational establishments
- I took a short side trip into nursing the offspring of manhood
- 1985 I underwent an occupational re-orientation into the binary structured services
- in between and additionally I ensured the survival of my own genes and exercised the learned fostering on my own nestlings
- for many years my creative urges got a raw deal because of the time-consuming bread-and-butter job and upbringing of my progeny
- now that my offspring fledge and fly the coop one by one, there are no limits for my creating and producing
- I am always on the move, have multiple interests, I’m open-minded about new things, after drawing and painting, singing and playing music, I ended up with manufacturing ceramics
- I love to create unique shapes and sculptures, I got the fever of sintering and glazing at more than a thousand degree Celsius
- I am hooked on  throwing clay on the potter's wheel, I love the sensual experience of hand building and sculpting from my heart, I am fascinated by watching art arise out of a lump of clay.

- From my soul through my hands into my artwork I create functional as well as decorative and precious pottery that means enrichment to your aesthetically designed living and working areas
- I invite you to visit my virtual manufactory and accompany my search for the perfect shard!


KM Keramik™
+43 664 401 86 02

Studio: 2201 Gerasdorf, Westgasse 3
Opening Hours: Every first Saturday each month - 14.00 to 20.00 hrs
If you wish to visit me any other time, please make an appointment